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Fuel Saving Myths

Consumer reports reported the following interesting Fuel myth busters:

Morning fill-ups. A common tip is to buy gasoline in the morning, when the air is cool, rather than in the heat of the day. The theory is that the cooler gasoline will be denser, so you will get more for your money. But the temperature of the gasoline coming out of the fuel nozzle changes very little, if at all, during any 24-hour stretch. Any extra gas you get will be negligible.

Air conditioning vs. opening windows.
Some people advise you not to run the air conditioner because it puts more of a load on the engine, which can decrease fuel economy. But others say that opening the windows at highway speeds can affect gas mileage even more by disrupting the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Our tests show that neither makes enough of a difference to worry about. Using air conditioning while driving at 65 mph reduced the Camry’s gas mileage by about 1 mpg. The effect of opening the windows at 65 mph was not even measurable.

A dirty air filter. Our tests show that driving with a dirty air filter no longer has any impact on fuel economy, as it did with older engines. That’s because modern engines use computers to precisely control the air/fuel ratio, depending on the amount of air coming in through the filter. Reducing airflow causes the engine to automatically reduce the amount of fuel being used. Fuel economy didn’t change, but the Camry accelerated much more slowly with a dirty filter.

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Water for Fuel

fuel technology
Paul Aitchison asked:

Do you know that some old gas stations are going out of business because their gas machines can only go up to $4 and they have to invest $30,000 to buy new machines to get the correct price printed on them. Rising gas prices are affecting the economy of all the countries and the life of a common man is turning miserable day by day.

So what can you do to combat these gas prices? Do you have a goal to save money on gas, help the economy, create an eco-friendly environment, and to clean your car emissions? Running your car on water is the cheapest and most effective way of doing this. Water Fuel technology has recently become a viral Internet phenomenon. Thousands of people all over the world are currently using this technology to beat the price of gas and lower their fuel costs. Actually, scientists have been researching on how to make water as a viable source of energy. After 20 years of research under Project Energy, the scientists have discovered that by using electrolysis, water can actually be converted into a flammable gas called Oxyhydrogen. And, surprising, we can actually modify the car engine and car battery to do this electrolysis process.

What is water fuel technology? It is a process to change a car to a water hybrid. All you need to do is perform a very simple conversion. It only takes a few hours. Any experienced mechanic can do this conversion in under an hour. A few steps are to be taken to do the conversion. First of all the usage of pure water is avoided as fuel. The water molecules are broken down into hydrogen ions and oxygen ions by the process of electrolysis. The hydrogen ion that is produced by electrolysis is converted to hydrogen gas by combustion. This hydrogen gas is used as a fuel for the car and is also termed as HHO gas. When HHO Gas is combined with gasoline, combustion occurs and water fuel is created.

This is a 100% legit and effective technology, will not void your warranty, and will save you thousands of dollars on your fuel. Are you ready to run a car on water fuel? Start fighting with the overpriced gas before you spend any more money.

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