Four More Fuel Saving Tips

Four Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

These days, no one takes the time out of their schedule to learn how they can save money. It is very easy to get better gas mileage you just have to take a few simple steps. With these simple steps you could be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars per year on gas.

1. Drive along with the trucks. Truck drivers are on the road nearly twelve hours per day; they know how traffic works. It’s certain that you’ve noticed how trucks always seem to be moving along at the same constant pace whilst other cars are constantly slamming on the brakes and accelerating hard. These truck drivers have been trained to squeeze out as many miles to the gallon as possible, and also how to put the least amount of wear on the transmission by not needing to shift as often. If you can, try to stay near or behind a big eighteen wheeler truck so you can follow his relaxing path.

2. Drive without the luxuries. The air conditioner in your car wastes a ton of gas. Try turning it off and opening the windows to enjoy a nice breeze. But with the windows open at higher speeds, it may actually be smarter to turn on the air conditioning in the car because the wind resistance is so great when you are driving at high speeds. Another luxury that could waste gas is getting thicker tires. Your car may look better, but wider tires means more rolling resistance. If you are going to upgrade your wheels to some newer ones, consider keeping the old ones. That way, if you are going to be going on long trips in that car you can throw on the stock small wheels to get better gas mileage on the trip.

3. Clean out your car. A number of people have so much stuff in the back of their car that there isn’t even any room to sit down. This could take a very heavy toll on gas mileage because it is very easy to acquire an extra forty to fifty pounds. The more weight in your car means the more weight your engine has to lug around. If you can, try to drop the extra weight. This will help you in the long run by ensuring that you are carrying the smallest amount of weight possible. If you clean out your car periodically you could be saving a good amount of money on gas.

4. Downsize. The best thing you can do to save gas mileage is to downsize your car. There are many cars out there now that are just too big. You need to evaluate what you actually need out of the car you will be purchasing or downsizing to. If you have a family of three, you can definitely get by with something small like a Nissan Versa. The Nissan Versa has tons of interior room and can be classified as a mid-size vehicle. Automakers are designing these cars with safety in mind also so you can feel comfortable when driving around in one.

Posted: May 11th, 2009
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