Zero Emission Vehicles

Near-Zero Emission Vehicles

Nowadays, in an era in which the cool thing to do is to drive a V8 engine vehicle and go as fast as possible through rush hour traffic, things have started to cool down. People are beginning to realize that driving such a large motor vehicle is taking a huge toll on the family budget. The amount of driving you do is directly proportional to the amount of money that rests in your wallet. That’s why everyone is beginning to take a look at these new near-zero emission vehicles.

These new type of vehicles are cheaper to buy, take less fuel that the cool Mustang and cool new Camaro, and are more reliable in the long run. But the burning question in everyone’s mind is that no one knows what these vehicles actually are!

The good thing is that lately, these kind of vehicles are being advertised just as much as the fast cars, and even more since gas has gone up as much as it has.

Let’s take a look at some of these vehicles:

The Honda Accord EX has emissions so low they can barely be measured. The engine in this vehicle can achieve mile per gallon ratings of 30-35. What’s awesome about this is how they cost nearly 25% less than cars of the same size that achieve mile per gallon numbers of 20-25. You are going nearly one and a half times further than these other cars with each gallon of gas. This Accord, which is made by Honda, gets unbelievable ratings too in the car market. The fact that this car gets amazing gas mileage doesn’t even affect it’s safety ratings or comfort. It has received some of the best comfort reviews and gets great safety ratings. Honda has FILLED this car with numerous air bags to ensure your safety.

Another ultra low emission vehicle that has come up recently is the Toyota Prius. This car gets an ASTOUNDING 50 miles per gallon if you decide to spring for the hybrid model. This car isn’t the cheapest on the market, but if you are driving thirty to forty miles or more to work then this will definitely pay off fast. This car can push nearly sixty miles per gallon if you drive it the right way. But this car isn’t expensive only because of the mileage it achieves… It is very luxurious and can be compared to some of the interiors that are inside of the new Lexus models.

So recently, many car enthusiasts have been selling or storing away their fast and sporty vehicles that get 15 miles per gallon. There has been a very big drop in big engine vehicles that drive on the road since the gas prices have gone up as much as they have.

You will begin to see many more Hybrids on the road especially more from Honda and Toyota, who seem to be the rulers of the road since gas has topped out at nearly $5 per gallon!

Posted: May 11th, 2009
at 8:26pm by Fuel Saver

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