Utah State Government Helps Employees Save Money On Gas

You know those weeks where you get a Friday off or a Monday for a three day weekend? Well, if you worked for the state of Utah, you’d be getting a three day weekend every week.

Utah is becoming the first state to make the four day work week mandatory (for some branches of the government).

I wrote a while ago about ways that businesses could help their employees save money on gas, and in addition to telecommuting (still the best option), letting employees work four 10 hour days instead of five 8 hour days was listed as an excellent option.

According to the governor of Utah, it’s being done to “reduce the state’s carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, improve customer service, and provide workers more flexibility.”

The change affects about 80% of state employees, 17,000 or so.

Of course, with the mandatory change, it benefits not just the employees of the state, but also the environment. Instead of just a few people working four day work weeks, entire departments and even some buildings can be shut down, significantly reducing the amount of energy they use on a daily basis.

And it’s been reported that four day work weeks reduce the number of sicks days taken (who hasn’t had a severe case of the Monday’s?) and also reduces job turnover.

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Posted: July 4th, 2008
at 8:32am by Fuel Saver

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