The Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles In America

If you’re looking for a fuel efficient vehicle, and a used Geo Metro really isn’t your style, here are the ten most fuel efficient vehicles you can purchase right now. One of the best things about these vehicles is the fact that the most economical vehicles for fuel efficiency also tend to be some of the most budget friendly. With three choices costing less than $15,000 and with none costing more than $30,000, you can save gas without breaking the bank.

1 – Toyota Prius – 46 MPG – Cost $22,160

As expected, the Toyota Prius get the top spot in this list of the most fuel efficient vehicles. This car doesn’t have a lot of power, and really isn’t a driver’s car, but when it comes to fuel economy, especially in the city, this “king of hybrids” just can’t be beat. The next generation hybrid comes out next year which is making this a tough to get car since Toyota is capping production at just 180,000 units this year. Look for a plug-in version of this car in 2011.

2 – Honda Civic Hybrid – 42 MPG – Cost $23,270

Honda came out with the first production hybrid that enjoyed some success with the Insight. However, despite superior gas mileage to a Prius, it didn’t make it – probably because it looked kinda weird. However, that doen’t mean Honda gave up on building fuel efficient vehicles or hybrids. It’s Honda Civic hybrid comes in at #2 on our list with it’s combined 42mpg rating and 45mpg highway mileage. If you’re looking a car that doesn’t look like a hybrid – it looks nearly the same as the regular Civic, then this vehicle is a good option. Also, of note, it handles better than some of its hybrid counterparts.

3 – Smart Fortwo – 36 MPG – Cost $12,235

The third most fuel efficient and second cheapest car on this list – the Smart Fortwo. This car is tiny – every time I see one I expect to see eight clowns come piling out of it, but if you’re on a tight budget and need a fuel efficient car, this would be a good choice. This car has been deemed the “ultimate urban vehicle” and I’d definitely buy that. It’s a dream to park, and can easily squeeze into places impossible for anything but a motorcycle. However, this car is lacking in the power department and is the slowest accelerating passenger vehicle in the country, so if you do a lot of freeway commuting, you may want to look at some of the other vehicles on this list.

4 – Nissan Altima Hybrid – 34 MPG – Cost $26,140

I’ve never personally driven or seen a Nissan Altima Hybrid which is probably because it’s only sold in California and seven eastern states. I live smack dab in the middle of the country, which means no Nissan Altima Hybird for me. This car is a good handling sedan and delivers even better performance than the standard Altima model. It also has a sporty sedan look which makes this a good choice for someone looking to have some fun while they save the planet.

5 – Toyota Camry Hybrid – 34 MPG – Cost $25,860

The 34mpg Toyota Camry Hybrid is everything you’d expect from a family friendly sedan. It’s quite similar to the gas powered Camry and handles well. When you decide to go with the hybrid package you also get stability control and the XLE interior package (minus leather seats).

6 – VW Jetta TDI – 34 MPG – Cost $22,650

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’ve been hyping up this car for a while claiming that the only diesel car on this list will get 50mpg+. And now the official numbers have come up with a combined mileage of 34 mpg, so you’re probably wondering what gives. What’s interesting about diesel cars is that they typically end up getting better mileage than what is estimated by the EPA whereas hybrids end up getting lower gas mileage than what’s estimated by the EPA. If earlier models of VW Jetta diesels are any indication, this car will get over 50mpg on the highway and close to 40 in the city, but if we’re just using EPA data, this car ranks six on this list, but it’s still at the top of my list as a vehicle to buy even though diesel is rather expensive.

Of all the vehicles on this list, this one is probably the most fun to drive since you can get it with a six speed manual, and the diesel engine delivers plenty of power – it certainly won’t feel like you’re driving a fuel sipping vehicle.

7 – Ford Escape Hybrid – 32 MPG – $29,000

Here’s the vehicle for those of you who just aren’t ready to trade in your SUV for a car just yet. Perhaps, you like the cargo space or you just like the higher ride, but either way with the Ford Escape Hybrid you can have your cake and eat it too. With a starting base price of $29,000, the Escape Hybrid comes in as the highest priced vehicle on the list, but when you consider you’re getting a 32 mpg SUV for the money, you may decide it’s a deal you just can’t afford to pass up.

8 – Toyota Yaris – 32 MPG – $12,210

If you’re looking for an extremely budget friendly car that still excels in the gas mileage department, then look no further than the Toyota Yaris. This car may look tiny, but it’s surprisingly spacious inside and can a good amount of cargo – whether it be groceries or children. It’s really nothing too special, but it is a good deal for those who are budget minded and don’t want the minuscule Smart Fortwo.

9 – Mini Cooper – 32 MPG – $18,700

If you want a unique looking car that still gets great gas mileage, then look no further than the 32mpg Mini Cooper. Designed and manufactured by BMW, it’s no surprise that this vehicle has excellent road manners and is a pleasure to drive. The only downside to this vehicle is that the options can add up in a big hurry, but then again, you do get a whole lot to choose from when designing your Mini Cooper, and excellent resale value.

10 – Honda Fit – 31 MPG – $14,620

Coined a “mini-minivan” the 31 mpg Honda Fit is a great people hauler and offers plenty of storage space. Probably the biggest downside to fuel sipping vehicle is the fact that it’s ugly as sin. However, it’s actual not too bad when it comes to performance, and if you’ve got kids and stuff to move around, and don’t want minivan fuel efficiency or the higher price, then the Honda Fit would be a great choice

(MPG Figures are combined highway/city mileage – cost is base price listed by manufacturer)

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