Solar Powered Prius?

Although the details are sketchy at this point, it looks like Toyota is planning on adding solar panels to the world’s most popular hybrid – the Prius.

Now don’t go getting too excited just yet. A few solar panels aren’t going to be enough fully charge the batteries pack of Prius, instead, it looks like these panels are going to be used to help power the air conditioning and other electronics.

That’s would probably make this car one of the most popular cars for hypermiling since those guys try to drive with the windows closed AND with the air conditioning off. If they could use the A/C without affecting gas mileage, I’m guessing they’d be in hog heaven.

Now one thing that isn’t clear is if this feature is going to be available in the United States (most of the details I got were from this Japanese newspaper and from the BBC)

I still think that if we’re going to be excited about something, it’ll be the plug-in Prius coming out in 2010 (only 1.5 years left to wait for all the cool 2010 cars we’ve been promised).

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Posted: July 7th, 2008
at 6:09pm by Fuel Saver

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