Al Gore Wants US to Abandon Fossil Fuels by 2018

In a sharp contrast to President Bush, who wants to open up offshore drilling, which wouldn’t reach its full effect until 2030 according to experts, Nobel laureate Al Gore wants to see the United States abandon fossil fuels and switch to clean carbon-free sources.

I have to say that if I’m picking sides here, I’m siding with Al Gore. I not only want to see us transition to cleaner methods of transportation, but I want to see us do it as quickly as possible – oil companies be damned.

Now Gore is willing to admit that it would require “fundamental changes in political thinking and personal expectations.”

Allow me to translate: The government needs to stop sleeping with big oil. We need to take the attitude we had back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. When JFK said we were going to the moon, it took 8 years. These days you can’t even build a satellite to circle the globe in that time. Heck, it’s been 7 years since 9/11 and construction on the new tours isn’t going anywhere. There is way to much freakin’ red tape whenever you want to do anything anymore (time to get rid of some lawyers me thinks.)

Now instead of paraphrasing everything he said, I’ll just send you to read the entire article here. Or you can watch his video on youtube:

[youtube dt9wZloG97U]

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Posted: July 17th, 2008
at 9:09pm by Fuel Saver

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