300 MPG Car – Aptera Typ-1

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. A car that gets 300mpg, can travel safely at highway speeds, can actually hold two adults, and doesn’t need solar panels.

It’s called the Aptera Typ-1, a three wheeled, highly aerodynamic car that can get up to 300 miles per gallon for the first 100 miles. This thing can actually drive across the country on a single tank of gas.

Here are some videos you can watch about this really nifty car:
Aptera Promo Video
Aptera Test Drive
CNN Report on the Aptera
Aptera on ABC

And while you can’t get one just yet, you can reserve yourself a production slot when the Apteras do start rolling off the assembly line by putting a $500 deposit on your credit card, but only if you live in California. Right now the website says that they expect to start delivering these vehicles to their new owners in about 12 months.

It comes in two configurations – all electric or plug-in hybrid. The all electric version can only go 120 miles on a single charge, and costs about $27,000, but the plug-in hybrid version can drive over 1000 miles on a single tank of gas and costs just under $30,000.

If I lived in California, this would definitely be on my list of vehicles to consider buying in the near future, and I hope they’re able to expand to make these vehicles available to the rest of the country soon… I want one.

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Posted: June 8th, 2008
at 5:40pm by Fuel Saver

Categories: Alternative Fuel Vehicles,Fuel Technology

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  1. Sounds like a great car to me! That price isn’t that bad! For now, I save money on gas following the top 10 tips at http://www.summergassavings.com


    8 Jun 08 at 10:46 pm


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