The Air Powered Car – Fill Up For $2

air carIf $3.50/gallon gas has got you down, maybe it’s time to give up your gasoline powered engine and opt for a car that runs on air – really!

The Air Car is the first commercially produced air-powered vehicle – the vehicle is powered entirely by compressed air.
The Air Car certainly won’t be leaving other vehicles in the dust as its top speed is around 68mph and its range is 125 miles.

However, that range is more than enough to handle just about everything but road trips.

And what about refueling? Well, unlike electric vehicles which can take hours to recharge, the Air Car can be refilled in just a few minutes for a cost of just $2 – I can’t even fill my motorcycle up for that.

And the Air Car can be plugged in at night where the vehicles built in compressors can recharge the air tanks in about four hours which means you never need visit a refueling station if you don’t want to.

Ready to buy one? Unfortunately, they’re only being produced for India right now, but start bugging your favorite car company to start producing their own version of this innovative vehicle.

Posted: May 31st, 2007
at 7:12am by Fuel Saver

Categories: Alternative Fuel Vehicles,Zero Emission Vehicles

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