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The Air Powered Car – Fill Up For $2

air carIf $3.50/gallon gas has got you down, maybe it’s time to give up your gasoline powered engine and opt for a car that runs on air – really!

The Air Car is the first commercially produced air-powered vehicle – the vehicle is powered entirely by compressed air.
The Air Car certainly won’t be leaving other vehicles in the dust as its top speed is around 68mph and its range is 125 miles.

However, that range is more than enough to handle just about everything but road trips.

And what about refueling? Well, unlike electric vehicles which can take hours to recharge, the Air Car can be refilled in just a few minutes for a cost of just $2 – I can’t even fill my motorcycle up for that.

And the Air Car can be plugged in at night where the vehicles built in compressors can recharge the air tanks in about four hours which means you never need visit a refueling station if you don’t want to.

Ready to buy one? Unfortunately, they’re only being produced for India right now, but start bugging your favorite car company to start producing their own version of this innovative vehicle.

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Another Week, Another Record High Gas Price

The average price of gasoline is up to $3.18 in the U.S. which is the highest ever even when you take into account inflation.

Where I live, it’s even more expensive, most places were at $3.39 and I even saw it at $3.49 one place. I know that I’ve certainly been taking less trips, and I’ve been riding my motorcycle a heck of a lot more since it gets a lot better gas mileage than my other vehicle.

But hey, let’s look on the bright side, this means record profits for the oil companies. Exxon Mobile turned a $9.3 billion profit in the first quarter alone. [/sarcasm]

For those looking for bargain gas, visit Charleston, South Carolina where you can find gas for just $2.87/gallon or if you hate bargains, take a trip to the Windy City of Chicago where you can pay $3.59/gallon.

Although one good thing that is coming of this is that people are turning more towards mass transit. Public transportation use is at it’s highest in 49 years.


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The Benefits of PHEVs (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles)

So you have a hybrid, but you’re not satisfied with the warm tingly feeling of being kinder to mother earth you get when driving around in your fuel efficient vehicle?

You want more you say?

Since electric cars aren’t quite ready to hit the roads (unless you’ve got the cash for a Tesla Roadster), your next best option that you can get right now is to convert your current hybrid to a Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

Here are some of the added benefits that PHEV will give you:

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Save Money On Gas By Using The World's Most Popular Form Of Transportation

Quick what’s the most popular type of vehicle in the world?

Nope, it’s not the car. Think of something you learned how to drive when you were a little younger.

That’s right, it’s the bicycle. At a population of over 1 billion, bicycles are the world’s most popular form of transportation (not including walking).

Also, the bicycle is the most efficient means of transportation, even more efficient than walking.

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Getting Hybrid Gas Mileage From A Conventional Car

Well here’s an interesting story I just ran across.

It turns out that it’s possible to get the gas mileage of a hybrid car using a conventional “intelligent” car.

These “intelligent” cars as they’re called are outfitted with telematics.

So just what the heck are telematics?

The short answer: It’s a network of sensors and receivers that determine the traffic ahead in order to speed up or slow down that car so that your ride is smooth and you get to avoid the stopping and starting that drains fuel.

And by using telematics you can achieve mileage from a convetional car that can match a hybrid.

You can read the whole article about this interesting technology here. It’s definitely an interesting read.

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7 No Brainer Ways To Save Money On Gas

With gas prices being so darn high, I thought it was time to provide everyone with a few no brainer tips for saving money on gas.
[google 6004973467744826669]

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Gas Prices Hit New Record High

It’s official.

Gas prices are at a new record high.

Want some more bad news?

It’s only may – things are going to get worse. (Sorry, don’t shoot the messenger.)

The national average for a gallon of self serve is at $3.07 which beats the previous high of $3.03 that was set last August. The $3.07 average is a 19 cent jump from prices just two weeks ago.

So where can a person go to get some cheap (I’m using that as a relative term) gas these days? Well, you might want to move to Charleston, South Carolina where you can get a gallon of gas for just $2.80. And if you want to spend more on gas, you can find the highest gas prices in the city of San Francisco, which has an average price of $3.49/gallon.

If the refineries would get their act together, gas prices wouldn’t be nearly so bad right now, but due to several beginning scheduled maintenance and others experiencing accidents, capacity has been limited. And since demand for gasoline is going up since more people are hittin’ the roads, it’s simple economics – the price goes up.

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How To Get 100mpg with a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

Today with gas prices being so high, I wanted to take some time to cover the idea of getting 100 miles per gallon, and explain how this is no longer a pipe dream and some of the options that are available to those who are serious about saving some serious cash when filling up at the pump.

[youtube xee0zdWNWd4]

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Getting A Gas Card Can Save You Hundreds

With gas prices being so high, it’s important to try to get gas prices as low as possible – at least to me it is.

One of the methods to saving money on gas that I think is a no brainer is to get yourself a gas credit card ASAP.

The good ones will give you 5% cashback on all your gasoline purchases so if you’re buying gas at $3/gallon, you’ll save $.15 on every gallon – so it really only costs you $2.85/gallon. If prices are $4/gallon – you save $.20 on every gallon – you get the picture.

The trick is to make sure you get a good card and that you pay off the balance every month.

Let me say that again – make sure you pay off the balance every month!

If you don’t, well all that money you saved when filling up your tank will be out the window once you start paying interest.

So what cards are good?

Good question.

Just about every gas station on the planet offers their own brand of credit card and you’ll get cashback on every gallon of gas you get with them. The problem is that some of these guys have gotten cheap and will only give you 3% back and they’ll only give you the cashback if you fill up at one of their stations. I don’t know about you, but if I need to fill up my tank, and I see a Shell station, I’d rather fill up there than drive clear across town to fill up at the Exxon Mobil station just so I can get my 5% back – wouldn’t you?

So what’s the solution?

Simple, get the card that will give you 5% cashback at EVERY gas station you fill up at AND give you 5% cashback on maintenance costs (like oil changes.)

So does a card like that exist? Fortunately, yes. But not many, possibly only one.

I’d recommend you get the Discover Open Road Card. It gives you 5% cashback on ALL gas fillups, no matter the brand, and there’s no annual fee – plus you even get a year of 0% interest, so if in that first year you don’t pay the balance off every month (but you should anyway), it won’t matter because there’s no interest.

This is one tip to saving hundreds of dollars in gas every year that everyone should use.

Click Here To Get The Discover Open Road Card – You won’t regret it – it’s probably the easiest way to start saving money on gas.

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High Gas Prices Cause Other Products And Services To Go Up In Price Too

Avoiding the effects of high gas prices are simply unavoidable unless you completely stop buying everything. But that’s just not possible unless you plan on moving into the forest and living among the animals with nothing but your wits to keep you alive.

For the rest of us, the effects of high gas prices are already starting to be noticed. For example, the rise in diesel prices causes the cost of transporting goods to go up. Since transportation costs go up, the price of the products have to go up as well.

This doesn’t apply just to shipping something via FedEx or UPS, but to pretty much everything on the road including groceries, and household goods.

Even things like flowers are going up unless you live in the area they’re grown.

And services like lawn care and house repair services will likely be going up too since it costs more for these people to drive to your house.

So it’s not just $4 gas you have to worry about, but you’re going to be feeling the effects of $4 gas just about everywhere you spend money.

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